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Shri nursery was opened in 2017 and is a great resource for plants, trees, garden accessories and so much more for residents in Coimbatore and beyond. Local residents have praised our store’s unique style and the quality of our product..,

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Landscape Service

We have successfully undertaken plantscape execution and maintainance projects at a number of sites which include residential bungalows, restaurants, terrace gardens and corporate gardens.

Health Benefits of Plants

Plants put us in better mood. It is scientifically a fact that plants can alter mood, also they improve air quality and releases scent that can make you happy. Gardening burns calories, improves immune systems and relieves stress. These health benefits are reinforced when you grow your own organic, nutritious and delicious food. Growing plants and vegetables at home is a fun and easy way to introduce better nutrition and environment.

It is almost impossible to escape work or social media and the mental exhaustion caused. Our wellness is not on concentrating on only physical health but also on our mind and spirit too.

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