JCA Enterprises

  • Since year 1992 Hari construction was started at a later time it has been converted to JCA.

  • Its a pure government oriented contract company

  • Environmental Abuse we treat as challenge.

  • The mechanism will work in a Dynamic way of Venture with multiple axis to "SERVE THE PEOPLE"

  • JCA does part of action to complete major flyovers in chennai, Making Roads,Briges,Parks, Cleaning Various Canals,Rivers,Drains to the people.



We stock different types of doors like Solid wooden doors, panelled doors, flush doors, glass doors, steel doors, PVC Doors, Laminate doors, etc. our doors come in variety of colours for both interiors and exteriors.

Through our specially designed premium doors, we add a touch of elegance to homes, offices, schools, hospitals and all buildings. Our uniquely designed doors accentuate  class, style, beauty and safety.

JCA Enterprises Limited is known for its deep architectural sense  and this is reflected in the class of its doors. The doors are designed to provide superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space. They come with superior hinges and locking systems that are reliable, durable and secured. They are specially designed to offer optimal heat and sound insulation.

Our doors carry clear finishes and durable stains, careful detailing, intricate carvings and moulding, thick wood and wide stiles.

For the exterior doors, we pay attention to those elements that matter most which are security, strength and durability. In so doing, we stock doors with fine materials, door locks that resists drilling, cutting or picking; peep holes that are set at an angle of clear visibility for those inside alone; and designed to fit into the door frame without gaps.

We can supply doors in commercial quantity for all types of projects. You can trust us with your project, and we will give your building the charm and sophistication it deserves with our doors.


If you are looking for quality roofing sheets that will neither fade nor rust; if you are looking for roofing sheets that will add distinctive design element to your building; if you are looking for roofing sheets that combine aesthetics, durability and resistance to natural disasters, then look no more for JCA Enterprises limited has a variety of roofing sheets that will meet all of your demands and more.

At JCA Enterprises Limited, we believe that the most important defence a house can have against natural disasters is the roof. That implies that your first form of defence starts from the choice of your roofing sheet. We have taken it upon our self to ensure that your roofing is done right with the best sheet. As a reputable company, we deal with credible manufacturers with reliable warranty. This ensures that every roofing sheet you buy from us carries a warranty that covers any defects in the roofing material within stipulated time.


  1. Asphalt Composition Shingles: They are made of asphalt, coated with mineral granules.
  1. Metal Roofing sheet: these can be made of steel, aluminium, copper or zinc alloy.
  1. Plastic Polymer: they are moulded from high tech plastic polymer material
  1. Clay Tile: highly fire resistance with high rate of durability, these roofing sheets are made from natural clay fired in a kiln.
  1. Concrete Tile: Made from a mixture of Portland cement and sand with excellent fire resistance.



We are one of the leading suppliers, traders and retailers of high quality stainless staircases that add class and beauty to your building. We offer a wide range of stainless steel staircase which are perfectly blended with aesthetic finish appeal. They come in variety of designs, sizes, colours and shapes to suit every user and every building.

Our range of stainless steel staircases are designed to add charm to your building and add new definition to your homes, offices, malls, churches, mosques, schools and all other structures. We guarantee exquisite touch and exclusive appeal to your buildings.


To create beautiful floors and decent walls, we have a variety of tiles to choose from. Our tiles come in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. We have Porcelain, ceramic and outdoor tiles for multiple uses.

Tiles are great elements in setting the feel and look of your house, they are used to create the desired ambience to your house. That is why we akways supply great tiles quality that will offer that decorative and useful embellishments to your buildings.

Our range of tiles are resistant to impact, force, stain, and water absorption and can be used innovatively.

For that hard, durable and great floor, contact us for your tiles.